Prospecting U.S.A. Hunting America's Treasure's

Club Rules

1. When you join don't post stuff that dose not have some thing to do with prospecting or treasure hunting IF YOU DO IT AND YOU WILL BE REMOVED. profile pic's have to be of you not a pic of gold or some critter  and your name not something like maddog2020.

2.Try not to make the club look bad. dig a hole fill it in don't be drunk or stoned and don't leave trash.


My History

Hi I live in Heflin Alabama But I lived in Ga, most of my life and that's where I started learning about Prospecting . One year my step father took us on vacation to Helen Ga. and we stopped at Delonaga and we did some panning and I got hooked I was about 12 then I started learning more about treasure hunting and now I have a Prospecting group called Prospecting U.SA.
I like all types of treasure hunting I am trying to build a sight where people can find out how and where to find gold and other treasures.
I am not a pro at this but I do find some thing when I go looking . There is what is called the gold belt It runs from Raburne the Alabama state line between Tallapoosa and Carrollton Ga.but it don't stop there it comes in to Al. and runs south and east of Heflin most people don't know the first gold rush was in Ga. in the 1830's and lasted till some one found gold in Calif. in 1849 then most of the miners went west and left a lot of gold here and if you are one of the lucky ones you can find it.
I have my group listed all over the web it's here on Myspace  facebook and Treasure  Yahoo and twitter and maybe put on more later . I started on Myspace that was the main group but when you say your on myspace some people get crazy so I put it on Yahoo next so folks would want to check us out then face book and now this is our Mian page. So join us and add what ever you can and lets make this group bigger and better than the G.P.A.A. I know that will be hard but if thay can do it at 8O $ A year why can't I do it for free and that's one big club and some day I want to join them to THEY have some good places to pan.